4 Things Every Decent Homeowner Must Do to Their Plumbing

The house in which you live requires to be taken care off. The more time you spend on maintaining it the better it will be for you. There are a lot of equipment and systems in the house that need care. One of the important ones is the plumbing system. If you follow some simple tips and guidelines you can have trouble-free operation of the plumbing system and you would not need the plumbers for repair jobs. It is a different story in case a natural disaster strikes and you have to go in for professional help. Otherwise, these simple tips protect your plumbing system adequately. Let us look at them.

Unclog Your Drains Every Now and Then

Hair and debris normally clog the house drains. You can use a drain cleaner or a plunger to clear the clogs. If this is not effective you would have to use the snake. Insert the snake in the drain and let it go as far as possible. Next, crank the snake gently to loosen the clog. Remove the snake and check by pouring water. You may require using the snake a number of times to clear the clog fully.

Rinse Your Garbage Disposal With Cold Water Only

If you use the garbage disposal after the kitchen work is over, you must do it with cold water. Hot water melts the grease and takes it easily to the main drain where it solidifies and builds a clog. Cold water helps the blades remain sharp and cuts through the garbage to keep the disposal running smoothly.

preparing your plumbing for winter

Prepare for Winter

As the winter approaches disconnect the hoses from the outside faucets, roll them up and store them inside during winter. In case you leave them out, the water in the hoses will freeze. Freezing water expands causing the connecting faucets and pipes to crack. You would need the plumbers to help in such a case. It is also advisable to insulate any exposed pipes in the basements and near to the outer walls. In case of a history of freezing on any pipe, you can apply the heat tape to insulate it.

Check the Sump and Septic Tank Frequently

To avoid sediment build up in your septic tank it is better to pump out your septic tank once in five years. The septic system does not have a backup and cleaning and repair is expensive and calls for professional help in the form of experienced plumbers. It is better to spend some amount on the pumping out rather than the expensive repair. Similarly, you must check the sump pump for smooth operation by pouring in a few gallons of water. The sump pump should drain it out without any problem.

Thus, by following these simple tips you can take good care of your plumbing system. Even though it takes some effort to do it, but it is worth it. It helps you avoid getting in a team of plumbers in the house to do a costly repair job.


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