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Whenever you want to get rid of a waste item the convenient way is to wash it down your house drain. The solid waste normally makes it to the dustbin, but the liquids, greases, toiletries are the easiest to do away with through the drain. It all goes on smoothly as the clogging in the drain is not visible and takes some time to build up. The results are disastrous. The water from the drains starts backing up in the house; there is foul smell all over the place. At this time you rush to get in the plumbers and spend money on an expensive repair. All this can be avoided if you take care that you do not wash away the following 4 things into your toilet drain.

Cotton buds and tampons

The cotton buds soak up water and form an unbreakable mass. Similarly, the tampons may build up into a fatty ball that builds a clog. These items just do not break down and the only way to unblock the drains is by removing them manually. This job requires expert plumbers to open the drains and clear them.

Paper towels and pre-moistened swipes

The toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in the sewers, but the other products are tougher. They are made in a specific way to withstand the abuse. You do not want the paper towel or a swipe to disintegrate into tatters while using it. Thus, it retains its tough character when it is flushed in the toilet drain. It acts as the perfect clogging build up, despite being biodegradable in the end. It would be better to collect the paper towers in a separate container and dispose them as biodegradable trash.

Toxic chemicals

The unused paints, cleaning chemicals and solvents all find the easy exit through the toilet drains. All that is needed is to put them into the toilet and flush them out by water. All these toxic chemicals find their way to the lakes, rivers and oceans and harm the ecology. They also react with the other wastes in the drain to form slurries and compounds that choke the drainage system. This results in expensive repairs by the plumbers. The chlorine gas in the bleach and phosphates from the detergents are the other toxic stuff that wreaks havoc on the fragile ecosystem. You do not like to use insecticides and pesticides in your kitchen garden then why to contaminate the larger ecology through your toilet drain.


Even though they are difficult to flush but people do manage to push them down the toilet drains. They fill up with air and water and float at solid debris in the main drains ultimately causing blockages in constrained areas or bends.

One can easily see how easy it is for us to clog the toilet drains and seek help of plumbers for the costly repair. Just by taking some precautions, we can ensure that these 4 things never go down our toilet drains and we prevent the clogging of our drains.

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