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Smart bulbs are projected to be the future of lighting. The self-styled bulbs, provide you with proper lighting and cut down your energy bills. They employ cutting edge photonics blended with existing technology like motion sensing, remote control, Wi-Fi connectivity and signaling. One example is TP-link light bulb uses the internet and Wi-Fi to achieve efficient lighting in homes. Smart bulbs, like all man inventions and innovations, also have their rainy days after all. To this end, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself on how to solve them when they arise.

How do I reset my TP-Link light bulb?

The rest button is arguably the go-to when people have complications with gadgets. No doubt that we tend to believe that all electronic devices are analogous and one size fits all. Before you embark on a reset mission it is always prudent to confirm the internet connectivity. Granted the reliance on the internet, there is a likelihood your smart bulb is misbehaving because it has lost connection.

This is normally applicable if you are not able to control your smart bulb in Kasa. Checking your wireless router and connection setting helps eliminate possible causes of the lapse. After confirmation of everything, then you can go through the rebooting motions. First, you switch off the controlling switch to the light bulb off. Then you flicker the switch three times. It is safer this way since you get to not lose the configuration settings

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What to do if smart bulb installation (installing the controller app) fails

It is possible when installing the controller app it fails. Worry not. You can simply delete the failed app so that you can re-download a newer version after a re-set. It is usually advisable after this step, to disconnect your device from the blue tooth or other wifi networks before turning your device off for about a minute. After completing a hard reset, then turning on your device, you can download the newest app.

At times you are forced to hard reset your smart bulb. This is fairly simple. Switch off your bulb,(if it was on), if off switch on, then switch off for 18 seconds, repeat the on and off five times. The sixth time when you turn it on, let it establish a connection. After discovering other bulbs, in addition to the new app, after entry of the new pin code, they should automatically connect.

How to change wifi connection

There is no doubt that wi-fi connections are crucial to the functioning of smart bulbs. Therefore knowing how to reset your connection is important. You first need to Log in your routers admin panel. Then you use your default credentials to sign in, from which you then pick an SSID. Mostly WPA 2 is preferred as secure encryption, from which you will set up a new password.

It comes with the territory; smart bulbs are expected to be flawless. Nothing can be further from the truth. In all likelihood granted it’s a relatively new product, definitely, complications will arise from a large sampling pool. These are the few solutions if they do arise.

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Smart bulbs have revolutionized home lighting. Not only do they offer optimized lighting, but also guarantee that your energy expenses are low. These bulbs often employ photonics to operate. TP-Link is one of the brands in the market that offers smart home lighting.

As the name suggests, this smart bulb relies on motion sensing, wifi, and remote control to achieve optimum lighting. Unlike its counterparts, it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system, to allow for communication with your router. This gives it an advantage over other brands like Philips which use a bridge to connect. The size differential is based on the other models use of Zigbee.

Design & Size

The inbuilt Wi-Fi system comes at a designing cost. Unlike the other models, TP-Link Bulb comes at a bigger size owing to the inbuilt wifi. A fact that may not augur well with consumers who prefer smaller sized ones.

Setting Up

Being a smart bulb comes with the intricacies of setting up. As earlier mentioned, having an inbuilt Wi-Fi system offers easy setup.

The TP-Link Kasa app in your phone ensures your bulb connects with your home wifi.

This app is particularly important since you can customize your bulbs functionality. These range from the intensity of lighting, the interval of lighting, bulb temperature to color intensity (in the case of colored bulbs).

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Kasa app and Voice Recognition

These features are important since the bulb can actually respond to environmental changes or your needs. Another option of controlling your smart bulb is the use of voice recognition. Normally this is achieved when you link your smart bulb to Alexa or Google assistant. It is more convenient granted the use of Kasa involves going to your phone to customize your lighting experience.


TP-Link pricing is dependent on the type of bulb you want eg dimmable, energy monitoring or turnable white. A multi-color is arguably the priciest.

On the other hand, the other brands like Sengled and Phillips often have expensive starter packs compared to TP-Link smart bulbs. This is because they usually come with a bridge to facilitate wi-fi connectivity. Subsequent purchases after the starter pack are relatively cheaper than TP-Link.

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All bulbs, be it smart or not the conversion of light dissipates heat energy causing the bulb to heat up. Manufacturers of this bulb contend that the bulb showed the least amount of heating compared to the competing brands.

There is no doubt that the manufacturer of TP-Link endeavor to constantly improve the bulb to meet the customer needs. In so far as smart technology is involved the bulb offers value for money.

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The hair dryer has undergone transformations throughout its development. Initially, the focus had been on heat generation to evaporate water in the hair strands. That is not the case now. Ionic dryers have proven viable substitutes or complementary in the dryers currently developed. Rimini Ionic Dryer is one such example.

This dryer uses its self-generated negative ions to split the hydrogen and oxygen ions and subsequently evaporate them form your hair. The technology ensures uniform drying of hair unlike strictly heat generating dryers.


packaged riminiRimini Ionic Dryer has that unique design reminiscent of star war or Matrix movies. Coming at a light weight of 1.3lbs this dime is easy to carry especially when styling your hair, not to mention the ergonomic design that favors either handed users. Its large barrel and concentrated nozzle facilitate the direct flow of air to specific areas of your hair.

The designers had in mind the intricacies surrounding hair styling by ensuring the diffuser is customized. Condensed air can therefore easily flow to the nozzle to carry out drying.


The 1500W motor powered dyer utilizes its ionic technology earlier mentioned to dry hair. It significantly reduces frizz compared to the traditional dryers that often leave hair dull. There is the added advantage of three heat levels that you can adjust as per your styling requirements or comfort. It is not lost to the manufacturers that not everybody has similar heat tolerance hence the three levels. In addition to these various styles require different heat levels to enable hair manipulation. A cool shot button is particularly important in sealing hair cuticle preventing it from over-drying. You are advised to use this button when their hair is 80% dry especially if you want to add shine and hold.

Pros and Cons

One demerit of this dryer is the incompatibility with other Xtava collection collapsible diffuser. This has been attributed to its large barrel. The upside is its reduced drying time for hair, makes it ideal for users who are constantly on the go. Granted the dryers portability, it is ideal for travel. As a user, the salon grade power Rimini has ensured that you can actually style your hair without necessarily going to an expert.

There is no doubt that anyone who wants a shiny and smooth hair that this dyer would come in handy. Considering its pocket-friendly price and availability, Remini is a must have.


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Cats are one of the most common pets world over. These feline creatures are generally calm, collected and clean. This doesn’t exempt them from their animalistic tendencies.

Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser can help you manage these animalistic tendencies in addition to other stress-related cat complications. Some of these objectionable cat behaviors and complications include anxiety, urination, travel anxiety, scratching, stress and recurrent feline idiopathic cystitis.

Scientifically Proven Formulation

Felines often rub their faces against objects when they feel safe and comfortable. A term referred to as facial marking. Often cats leave a facial pheromone as a mark of reassurance of their wellbeing.

It is against this backdrop that scientists developed Feliway. A synthetic analog of these feel-good pheromones mixed with 89.2 % Ethanol. The manufacturer intimates that the ground-breaking innovation has been aptly captured by scientific journals.

How it Works

Pheromones are means of communication between species. Feliway’s mimic of cat pheromones ensures that in a household with multiple cats, balance and order is restored. Equally, Cats usually react through their objectable behavior whenever they feel anxiety, uncomfortable or threatened. To avert this spraying of Feliway reassures the cats of comfort and security essentially stopping any unbecoming behavior.

feliway comfort zone calming diffuser for cat calmingFeliway is convenient to use especially if you know where your cat urine or face mark. It is flammable and it is always advisable not to spray it directly to the cat.


It All Happens in the Diffuser kit

Feliway comes in a 60 ml refillable bottle that is usually plugged into an electrical diffuser. Each vial often lasts two fort-nights. Considering the diffuser relies on the flow of air, this figure may vary depending on location and weather conditions. The usage normally varies from 30 (uses 48ml of the vial)to 45 days depending on the objectable behavior in question. Normally the drug comes with diffuser kit accompanied by a user manual. It is easy to fit the bottle to the diffuser which is made of inflammable plastic.

The Feliway bottle is attached to the diffuser unit which you plug into a socket. When switched on the electrical charges activate the vials which systematically slowly diffuse into the air. Initially, the vial may have a strong smell owing to the alcohol and expectorants used in the vial. It is advisable to exchange the diffuser unit every sixth month. Feliway diffuser is recommended for use with the mother company’s vial.

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