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Gardening gloves have been made over the years using leather. Leather gloves, however, have many drawbacks. Grip strength for instance often drops by 20%, lack of padding and physical changes due to storage have always been a pain to the gardener. Bionic garden gloves on the other hand boast of cutting edge technology to relieve the gardener’s pains.


Bionic garden gloves are heavily reliant on orthopedics, a fact that leather gloves often overlook. The manufacturer claims it improves the grip of arthritis patients while only reducing grip for the regular person by 10%. Worthy of note is that, reduced grip often results in fatigue of the wearer compared to gloves with a better grip like bionic. It is against this backdrop that they have seen a remarkable rise in sales volume and use.

bionic gloves range

Bionic gloves are designed to offer both comfort and efficiency to the user. The human hand structure has contours and articulating joints used in gripping. However, the contours on the palm of the hand, easily bruise and form blisters when gripping without a glove.

Heavy Anatomical padding

To solve this, the bionic glove is designed with heavy padding making the hand surface become uniformly flat, fete leather gloves cant. Flatness helps in ensuring zero blistering or bruising caused by contours. Patented anatomical padding helps in increasing comfort giving the (mattress on your hand feeling)to the hand and increasing its lifetime.

Motion Zones

The human hand has rotation points which facilitate movements. You may be familiar with the discomfort of an inner leather glove surface rubbing against your knuckles as you clench your fist. Joints in the fingers and at knuckles are such examples. Given the movement, Bionic gloves have motion zones which offer adequate room for bending of digits gardening with bionic glovesand improved dexterity.

Web Zones

Any gardener is familiar with the sweating of palms when donning gardening gloves.  This is often attributed to lack of air supply to the hand. Bionic gloves have web zones between the fingers which allow air circulation drying your hands.

Silicone Reinforced Tips

Most gloves wear out from the tips owing to its continuous use. Silicon-reinforced fingertips offer the perfect reinforcement for the glove. Being hard, it allows you to use the glove in various hard surfaces without tearing its tip.

There is no doubt that bionic gloves are slowly replacing the existing designs. In part, owing to the cutting edge technology they employ to achieve user comfort, improved grip, dexterity and being ergonomic. All these being key features to consider before purchasing a glove, Bionic gloves definitely offer value for money.

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Most seniors after retiring have a tendency to take up gardening. Considering the physical changes that have taken place in their bodies, seniors often need a stool when gardening.

Most of these stools have multi-purpose. They offer comfortable seating, storage for tools, knee pads and can double as carting for tools especially the wheeled variants.

Before embarking on a purchase for a gardening stool, there are several factors to be considered.

1. Stability

Stools are designed to offer a seating platform for users. It goes without saying that, an unstable seat is a health hazard to the seniors. While the seat may be stable, it is not lost to us that the garden may not always be leveled. The design of the seat should be able to cater to the rugged terrain of a kitchen garden but still deliver on stability.

2. Weight Capacity

This is self-explanatory. An average gardening stool should be able to support a weight of 330lb. This gives room for a wider weight class to use the stool.

senior gardening stools3. Comfort

Gardening can be demanding. The logic of having a garden tool is to make it possible for senior to actively garden while enjoying the comfort of sitting. Most garden stools are heavily EVA padded so that while you tender to your garden, you are not subject to strains of discomfort.

4. Multi-Purpose

People mostly prefer tools that can have multiple functions. While the primary goal of a garden stool allows for sitting, other functions are also important.

A senior can not necessarily do everything seated. It is important to have kneepads that can be used as a platform for kneeling when gardening. Some gardening stools can easily be converted into a (kneeler) kneeling platforms. Given various tools are used during gardening, it is important that you purchase a stool that has pockets or compartments that can allow for storage. Other seniors prefer wheeled stools that are movable, whereby they can move with from one garden to another.

5. Lightweight

The elderly gardener may not have the strength to carry a bulky stool around. Therefore when choosing one, a light option would come in handy. in addition to this, most manufacturers prefer foldable options to allow for movement.

When you are purchasing gardening seats for elderly, price plays an important role. It is prudent to invest in a gardening chair that offers the above-mentioned qualities in addition to money back guarantee.

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