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Before choosing a cleaning company, you need to know all the necessary details about their services. You cannot select a company blindly based on their commercial on TV or their immense hype, as it could prove disastrous at the end. You have to do a meticulous search on the company primarily on the internet.

Alternatively, you can ask for a referral from a close friend or relative if you want to make the process easier for you. In that case, here are some of the considerations you need to make before selecting a carpet cleaning company.

Most importantly, you have to know the type of cleaning procedure used by the company. Different carpet stains are removed using different methods. Therefore, you have to select a cleaning service firm that has a comprehensive approach to its cleaning services. On the other hand, you can also look for carpet cleaners who use specific cleaning products that are appropriate for your situation.

In addition, you need to search for a company that offers its services at an affordable cost. Carpet cleaning firms have varying price ranges for the services they offer. While there are companies that may offer their services at low prices, there are those who have elevated prices. In that case, you have to know your financial situation before making a choice. Nevertheless, do not make a choice based on the price only as you might end up getting low quality services. On the contrary, you need to make your decision based on the record of accomplishment the company has to offer.

carpet cleaning

Another thing you need to consider is the type of employees working for the company. This is crucial especially when you know that you are not going to be present when the cleaners work in your home. For that reason, you have to select a reputable carpet cleaning company if you want to avoid criminal incidences from occurring in your absence.

Furthermore, it is necessary to make inquiries about the extra services offered by the company. Carpet cleaning firms will always go an extra mile to offer you services that will ensure that your carpet remains in a presentable manner for longer after their service is over. This could be in the form of advice or products, which you can opt for to do frequent maintenance on it. By asking your potential firm what they offer as their after sale services, you can get a good idea who is worth selecting.

Make sure to select a cleaner who is insured. This is perhaps the best way to ensure that you are compensated in the event of a loss.

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When you enter the kitchen, you like it to be neat and clean and devoid of any foul smell. Similarly when step into the bathroom you like it to be dry and sanitized. These two places are of special importance in our household. The ladies of the house are very particular about the upkeep of the two areas. The men folk can pitch in with the small effort on the drains to avoid any foul smell emanating from them. The tips to keep your kitchen sink and bathtub smelling fresh are very simple, and if followed, can keep the plumbers away from your house. Let us take a look at them.

Baking soda and vinegar

To keep the kitchen sink smelling fresh you need to clean the kitchen drain of any grease, oil and clogging. This is best done with a cup full of baking soda which is poured down the drain and kept there for 20 minutes. The baking soda reacts with the grease and oils and loosens it. Pour the vinegar and hot water on top of the baking soda to start a reaction. This releases the already loosened grease and oils from the drain walls. Pour more hot water to flush out the drain. If you are not satisfied still you can remove the drain cover and scrub the drain walls with a bottle brush. This little effort ensures that you do not have to run to the plumbers for unclogging the kitchen drains

kitchen sink deodorized

Drain cleaner

A commercial drain cleaner can be dropped into the bathroom drain once in a while. It acts on the stubborn hair strands and dust accumulation inside the drain. The hair strands are a primary source of drain clogging in the bathrooms. The commercial drain cleaner acts on the hair strands and dissolves them resulting in ease of flushing them out. Once these hair strands are out of the drain there is no frothing, collection of dust and dirt in the bathroom drain and hence, no foul smell. The bathroom looks fresh and clean. This also ensures that you keep the plumbers out of your bathroom.


Lemon juice and white vinegar are natural deodorizers. A few drops of either down the kitchen drain can give you a fresh whiff of air around the kitchen sink. Use a few drops of scented liquid soap into the bath tub drain to provide a fresh odor in the bathroom.

These simple guidelines to take care of kitchen sink and bath tub drain, can go a long way in saving you plumbing repair costs by keeping the plumbers out of your house. The fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen and neat and odor free bathroom will keep you happy.



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Don’t let the dripping in your bathroom or sink drive you nuts. The drips that you may be ignoring are contributing to your higher water bills and irritating noises. These drips will always form water pools under the sink or in the bathroom. Why pay a plumber when you can fix the broken taps yourself. You need three basic tools a wrench, a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench and not forgetting the simple instructions in this article. This article will take you through a few simple steps on how to fix leaky faucet all by yourself.

Step 1

Before undoing any nut or pipe always make sure that the water supply is turned off. If you forget to do so, you might end up in a bigger pool of water and a bigger mess. Turn off the valve on the main supply by turning the tap clockwise until it is fastened this will is turned off the water supply. Open the sink tap just to be sure the water supply is turned off.

Step 2

After making sure that there is no more water in the tap, Remove any form of decorations that may be part of the tap. Nuts or bolts rarely fasten these decorations and for this reason, removing them is easy all you need is a screwdriver or a blade. Most of the decorations and labels are just fixed with glue so use a blade or a screwdriver to peel them off. These decorations are important to remove since most of the screws and nuts are placed under them.

Step 3

fixing a pipeDetermine what your faucet is made up of. Check for a faucet ball, cartridges and a ceramic cylinder that may be contained in a ceramic-disk faucet. With all these parts in place, you can start disassembling your faucet with you wench. Using the adjustable wrench start by removing the handle. Do this by unscrewing the handle that may be mounted under the adjustable knobs.

They are often mounted on the stem of the tap with a nut. Loosen the nut with your wench until it is removed completely and lift off the handle. Due to water corrosion and rust, the screwed parts may be hard to remove. It is advisable to use oil to lubricate them and make easy to undo and remove.

Step 5

The faucet stem will always be secured to the basin. Using a wrench, remove the screws that hold it to the basin. The stem will be on top of O-ring and a washer. Inspect the o-ring and see if it is the part that causes the leak also do not forget to do the same for the washer. If they are worn out, replace them with those that are similar to them. Make sure to carry the washer and o-ring to the store just to be sure to buy the right replacement fit for them.

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Step 6

At this point, reassemble all the removed part carefully. Having made sure that the faucet is as it was before we started fixing it, gently open the main water source and also do the same for the fixed faucet. Check if the leak is resolved.  If it is resolved completely then you know how to fix leaky faucet. Open the faucet again and make sure that everything is in place before tightening firmly.

Step 7

Finally, If by any chance you notice that there is a leak, then you will be sure that the cause of the leak is not solved,  then the problem could be emanating from a different source. Some of this leaks may be caused by corrosion of the valve seat. To prevent this make sure you clean your faucet seat as frequent as possible. Never call a professional plumber that thinks they know how to fix leaky faucet and may end up taking longer and doing a shady job and you fix this by yourself. To prevent the leaks faucet leaks in future it is important that you keep your sink clean   that means you also clean your faucet, tighten loosened parts of the faucet with a pliers or a wench, check for worn out seals regularly to avoid surprises


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The house in which you live requires to be taken care off. The more time you spend on maintaining it the better it will be for you. There are a lot of equipment and systems in the house that need care. One of the important ones is the plumbing system. If you follow some simple tips and guidelines you can have trouble-free operation of the plumbing system and you would not need the plumbers for repair jobs. It is a different story in case a natural disaster strikes and you have to go in for professional help. Otherwise, these simple tips protect your plumbing system adequately. Let us look at them.

Unclog Your Drains Every Now and Then

Hair and debris normally clog the house drains. You can use a drain cleaner or a plunger to clear the clogs. If this is not effective you would have to use the snake. Insert the snake in the drain and let it go as far as possible. Next, crank the snake gently to loosen the clog. Remove the snake and check by pouring water. You may require using the snake a number of times to clear the clog fully.

Rinse Your Garbage Disposal With Cold Water Only

If you use the garbage disposal after the kitchen work is over, you must do it with cold water. Hot water melts the grease and takes it easily to the main drain where it solidifies and builds a clog. Cold water helps the blades remain sharp and cuts through the garbage to keep the disposal running smoothly.

preparing your plumbing for winter

Prepare for Winter

As the winter approaches disconnect the hoses from the outside faucets, roll them up and store them inside during winter. In case you leave them out, the water in the hoses will freeze. Freezing water expands causing the connecting faucets and pipes to crack. You would need the plumbers to help in such a case. It is also advisable to insulate any exposed pipes in the basements and near to the outer walls. In case of a history of freezing on any pipe, you can apply the heat tape to insulate it.

Check the Sump and Septic Tank Frequently

To avoid sediment build up in your septic tank it is better to pump out your septic tank once in five years. The septic system does not have a backup and cleaning and repair is expensive and calls for professional help in the form of experienced plumbers. It is better to spend some amount on the pumping out rather than the expensive repair. Similarly, you must check the sump pump for smooth operation by pouring in a few gallons of water. The sump pump should drain it out without any problem.

Thus, by following these simple tips you can take good care of your plumbing system. Even though it takes some effort to do it, but it is worth it. It helps you avoid getting in a team of plumbers in the house to do a costly repair job.


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Most seniors after retiring have a tendency to take up gardening. Considering the physical changes that have taken place in their bodies, seniors often need a stool when gardening.

Most of these stools have multi-purpose. They offer comfortable seating, storage for tools, knee pads and can double as carting for tools especially the wheeled variants.

Before embarking on a purchase for a gardening stool, there are several factors to be considered.

1. Stability

Stools are designed to offer a seating platform for users. It goes without saying that, an unstable seat is a health hazard to the seniors. While the seat may be stable, it is not lost to us that the garden may not always be leveled. The design of the seat should be able to cater to the rugged terrain of a kitchen garden but still deliver on stability.

2. Weight Capacity

This is self-explanatory. An average gardening stool should be able to support a weight of 330lb. This gives room for a wider weight class to use the stool.

senior gardening stools3. Comfort

Gardening can be demanding. The logic of having a garden tool is to make it possible for senior to actively garden while enjoying the comfort of sitting. Most garden stools are heavily EVA padded so that while you tender to your garden, you are not subject to strains of discomfort.

4. Multi-Purpose

People mostly prefer tools that can have multiple functions. While the primary goal of a garden stool allows for sitting, other functions are also important.

A senior can not necessarily do everything seated. It is important to have kneepads that can be used as a platform for kneeling when gardening. Some gardening stools can easily be converted into a (kneeler) kneeling platforms. Given various tools are used during gardening, it is important that you purchase a stool that has pockets or compartments that can allow for storage. Other seniors prefer wheeled stools that are movable, whereby they can move with from one garden to another.

5. Lightweight

The elderly gardener may not have the strength to carry a bulky stool around. Therefore when choosing one, a light option would come in handy. in addition to this, most manufacturers prefer foldable options to allow for movement.

When you are purchasing gardening seats for elderly, price plays an important role. It is prudent to invest in a gardening chair that offers the above-mentioned qualities in addition to money back guarantee.

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Ensuring that your carpet remains spick and span is simpler should you know what to do. Well, we know that wall-to-wall carpet cleaning is not an easy affair especially when you have a busy schedule. Furthermore, you cannot rely on professional cleaners since when the budget cannot support it. In that case, there are simple steps you can follow to ensure that your carpet remains spotlessly clean and the home occupants are not affected by dirt accumulated in the carpet. Here are tricks you can use to realize the feat.

Have People Remove Their Shoes When Possible

Most importantly, you should make it a habit for anyone getting into the home to remove their shoes before they enter. You might not be aware of this, but dirt usually accumulates in the house whenever someone gets in with his or her shoes. This might go unnoticed at first, but after some time, the effects might start to show. It would be simpler if you if you place a shoe stand at the entrance.

Vacuum As Much as Possible

Another necessary step you can take is to vacuum your carpet frequently. Do not wait until dirt piles up in your carpet to make a move. Start early by vacuuming at least once or twice every week. If you do this, you will incur less expenditure on your carpet cleaning needs than you would have spent by hiring a certified company to handle the work for you.

vacuuming your carpet

Clean Messes as Soon as the Form

Furthermore, you need to gain a habit of cleaning up the mess on your carpet once they happen. Do not wait until your scheduled cleaning days to clean up the mess as it may result to stains. Take note to use the appropriate carpet cleaning procedure to clear the mess. Therefore, it is advisable not to rub the spill since it will only spread the stain.

Always Use the Right Products

Use the right products for your carpet cleaning endeavors. There are different carpet cleaning procedures at your disposal. Some of them might work well with the kind of mess that has happened on your carpet. Keeping that in mind, you need to determine, which kind of method is suitable for the job by searching on the internet. Do not hesitate to ask a close friend or relative for effective hand-me-down advice if you are stuck with your search.

Overall, make sure you have all that you need to get the job done- carpet shampoo, deodorizers, fresheners and so forth. You can also download tutorials on the internet that offer effective solutions on how to remove stubborn stains. Do not forget that clean carpets promote healthy living.

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