Decorating Your Space with 3D Art – Getting Started

Over time, people have perfected the art of interior decoration and moved from the mere use of paint to the use of elaborate decals and sculptures in their houses. Though efficient, such types of interior decoration are more often than not very expensive. However, with 3D printers in the market, experimenting with 3D art is something that only your imaginations can limit.

Getting your plan right

Like any other interior decoration project, any quest to decorating your space with 3D art must stem from an elaborate plan. You must consider and size up your space before purchasing or placing an order for the 3D art. Things to consider could range from simple color schemes to complexities involving the size and actual design of the art.

If you cannot size up the 3D art, you will have to get an expert to help you bring things into perspective. Alternatively, you could opt to work with home decoration magazines as your muse. Just remember that all you need is a general idea. Your 3D artist will help you implement the rest.3d wall art decoration


3D art is all about generating objects and images that seem to reach out of the walls and ledges to interact with life. Putting this art in the right places will make it more realistic and intriguing. For instance, an impression of the lawn or forest could be a perfect match on one wide wall with a window, as it will give the illusion that it opens into the forest. If it is a figurine, placing it at its most natural place, for instance, a crocodile on a rock next to your indoor pond will make the impact more profound.

Playing subtle

There is an unwritten interior décor rule that confines us to warm and welcoming colors in the living room and kitchen. This rule forbids you from placing any art that will make your most valued visitors uncomfortable while at your home. Since 3D art is more graphic and tangible, this rule should apply double-fold.

Keep controversial art to the bedroom and other personal walls unless your visitors don’t mind it. This will ensure that both you and your visitors feel comfortable when chatting up in your living room.

subtle 3d wall art

3D art is a perfect approach to interior decoration. It will lend some taste and looks to your home regardless of the colors you choose to implement it in. Thinking your project through before commissioning it and hiring the best artists for the job is the ultimate way to ensuring that you get something remarkable.

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