How to keep your kitchen sink and bath tub smelling fresh

When you enter the kitchen, you like it to be neat and clean and devoid of any foul smell. Similarly when step into the bathroom you like it to be dry and sanitized. These two places are of special importance in our household. The ladies of the house are very particular about the upkeep of the two areas. The men folk can pitch in with the small effort on the drains to avoid any foul smell emanating from them. The tips to keep your kitchen sink and bathtub smelling fresh are very simple, and if followed, can keep the plumbers away from your house. Let us take a look at them.

Baking soda and vinegar

To keep the kitchen sink smelling fresh you need to clean the kitchen drain of any grease, oil and clogging. This is best done with a cup full of baking soda which is poured down the drain and kept there for 20 minutes. The baking soda reacts with the grease and oils and loosens it. Pour the vinegar and hot water on top of the baking soda to start a reaction. This releases the already loosened grease and oils from the drain walls. Pour more hot water to flush out the drain. If you are not satisfied still you can remove the drain cover and scrub the drain walls with a bottle brush. This little effort ensures that you do not have to run to the plumbers for unclogging the kitchen drains

kitchen sink deodorized

Drain cleaner

A commercial drain cleaner can be dropped into the bathroom drain once in a while. It acts on the stubborn hair strands and dust accumulation inside the drain. The hair strands are a primary source of drain clogging in the bathrooms. The commercial drain cleaner acts on the hair strands and dissolves them resulting in ease of flushing them out. Once these hair strands are out of the drain there is no frothing, collection of dust and dirt in the bathroom drain and hence, no foul smell. The bathroom looks fresh and clean. This also ensures that you keep the plumbers out of your bathroom.


Lemon juice and white vinegar are natural deodorizers. A few drops of either down the kitchen drain can give you a fresh whiff of air around the kitchen sink. Use a few drops of scented liquid soap into the bath tub drain to provide a fresh odor in the bathroom.

These simple guidelines to take care of kitchen sink and bath tub drain, can go a long way in saving you plumbing repair costs by keeping the plumbers out of your house. The fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen and neat and odor free bathroom will keep you happy.



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