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Cats are one of the most common pets world over. These feline creatures are generally calm, collected and clean. This doesn’t exempt them from their animalistic tendencies.

Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser can help you manage these animalistic tendencies in addition to other stress-related cat complications. Some of these objectionable cat behaviors and complications include anxiety, urination, travel anxiety, scratching, stress and recurrent feline idiopathic cystitis.

Scientifically Proven Formulation

Felines often rub their faces against objects when they feel safe and comfortable. A term referred to as facial marking. Often cats leave a facial pheromone as a mark of reassurance of their wellbeing.

It is against this backdrop that scientists developed Feliway. A synthetic analog of these feel-good pheromones mixed with 89.2 % Ethanol. The manufacturer intimates that the ground-breaking innovation has been aptly captured by scientific journals.

How it Works

Pheromones are means of communication between species. Feliway’s mimic of cat pheromones ensures that in a household with multiple cats, balance and order is restored. Equally, Cats usually react through their objectable behavior whenever they feel anxiety, uncomfortable or threatened. To avert this spraying of Feliway reassures the cats of comfort and security essentially stopping any unbecoming behavior.

feliway comfort zone calming diffuser for cat calmingFeliway is convenient to use especially if you know where your cat urine or face mark. It is flammable and it is always advisable not to spray it directly to the cat.


It All Happens in the Diffuser kit

Feliway comes in a 60 ml refillable bottle that is usually plugged into an electrical diffuser. Each vial often lasts two fort-nights. Considering the diffuser relies on the flow of air, this figure may vary depending on location and weather conditions. The usage normally varies from 30 (uses 48ml of the vial)to 45 days depending on the objectable behavior in question. Normally the drug comes with diffuser kit accompanied by a user manual. It is easy to fit the bottle to the diffuser which is made of inflammable plastic.

The Feliway bottle is attached to the diffuser unit which you plug into a socket. When switched on the electrical charges activate the vials which systematically slowly diffuse into the air. Initially, the vial may have a strong smell owing to the alcohol and expectorants used in the vial. It is advisable to exchange the diffuser unit every sixth month. Feliway diffuser is recommended for use with the mother company’s vial.

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