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The hair dryer has undergone transformations throughout its development. Initially, the focus had been on heat generation to evaporate water in the hair strands. That is not the case now. Ionic dryers have proven viable substitutes or complementary in the dryers currently developed. Rimini Ionic Dryer is one such example.

This dryer uses its self-generated negative ions to split the hydrogen and oxygen ions and subsequently evaporate them form your hair. The technology ensures uniform drying of hair unlike strictly heat generating dryers.


packaged riminiRimini Ionic Dryer has that unique design reminiscent of star war or Matrix movies. Coming at a light weight of 1.3lbs this dime is easy to carry especially when styling your hair, not to mention the ergonomic design that favors either handed users. Its large barrel and concentrated nozzle facilitate the direct flow of air to specific areas of your hair.

The designers had in mind the intricacies surrounding hair styling by ensuring the diffuser is customized. Condensed air can therefore easily flow to the nozzle to carry out drying.


The 1500W motor powered dyer utilizes its ionic technology earlier mentioned to dry hair. It significantly reduces frizz compared to the traditional dryers that often leave hair dull. There is the added advantage of three heat levels that you can adjust as per your styling requirements or comfort. It is not lost to the manufacturers that not everybody has similar heat tolerance hence the three levels. In addition to these various styles require different heat levels to enable hair manipulation. A cool shot button is particularly important in sealing hair cuticle preventing it from over-drying. You are advised to use this button when their hair is 80% dry especially if you want to add shine and hold.

Pros and Cons

One demerit of this dryer is the incompatibility with other Xtava collection collapsible diffuser. This has been attributed to its large barrel. The upside is its reduced drying time for hair, makes it ideal for users who are constantly on the go. Granted the dryers portability, it is ideal for travel. As a user, the salon grade power Rimini has ensured that you can actually style your hair without necessarily going to an expert.

There is no doubt that anyone who wants a shiny and smooth hair that this dyer would come in handy. Considering its pocket-friendly price and availability, Remini is a must have.


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