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Don’t let the dripping in your bathroom or sink drive you nuts. The drips that you may be ignoring are contributing to your higher water bills and irritating noises. These drips will always form water pools under the sink or in the bathroom. Why pay a plumber when you can fix the broken taps yourself. You need three basic tools a wrench, a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench and not forgetting the simple instructions in this article. This article will take you through a few simple steps on how to fix leaky faucet all by yourself.

Step 1

Before undoing any nut or pipe always make sure that the water supply is turned off. If you forget to do so, you might end up in a bigger pool of water and a bigger mess. Turn off the valve on the main supply by turning the tap clockwise until it is fastened this will is turned off the water supply. Open the sink tap just to be sure the water supply is turned off.

Step 2

After making sure that there is no more water in the tap, Remove any form of decorations that may be part of the tap. Nuts or bolts rarely fasten these decorations and for this reason, removing them is easy all you need is a screwdriver or a blade. Most of the decorations and labels are just fixed with glue so use a blade or a screwdriver to peel them off. These decorations are important to remove since most of the screws and nuts are placed under them.

Step 3

fixing a pipeDetermine what your faucet is made up of. Check for a faucet ball, cartridges and a ceramic cylinder that may be contained in a ceramic-disk faucet. With all these parts in place, you can start disassembling your faucet with you wench. Using the adjustable wrench start by removing the handle. Do this by unscrewing the handle that may be mounted under the adjustable knobs.

They are often mounted on the stem of the tap with a nut. Loosen the nut with your wench until it is removed completely and lift off the handle. Due to water corrosion and rust, the screwed parts may be hard to remove. It is advisable to use oil to lubricate them and make easy to undo and remove.

Step 5

The faucet stem will always be secured to the basin. Using a wrench, remove the screws that hold it to the basin. The stem will be on top of O-ring and a washer. Inspect the o-ring and see if it is the part that causes the leak also do not forget to do the same for the washer. If they are worn out, replace them with those that are similar to them. Make sure to carry the washer and o-ring to the store just to be sure to buy the right replacement fit for them.

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Step 6

At this point, reassemble all the removed part carefully. Having made sure that the faucet is as it was before we started fixing it, gently open the main water source and also do the same for the fixed faucet. Check if the leak is resolved.  If it is resolved completely then you know how to fix leaky faucet. Open the faucet again and make sure that everything is in place before tightening firmly.

Step 7

Finally, If by any chance you notice that there is a leak, then you will be sure that the cause of the leak is not solved,  then the problem could be emanating from a different source. Some of this leaks may be caused by corrosion of the valve seat. To prevent this make sure you clean your faucet seat as frequent as possible. Never call a professional plumber that thinks they know how to fix leaky faucet and may end up taking longer and doing a shady job and you fix this by yourself. To prevent the leaks faucet leaks in future it is important that you keep your sink clean   that means you also clean your faucet, tighten loosened parts of the faucet with a pliers or a wench, check for worn out seals regularly to avoid surprises


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The house in which you live requires to be taken care off. The more time you spend on maintaining it the better it will be for you. There are a lot of equipment and systems in the house that need care. One of the important ones is the plumbing system. If you follow some simple tips and guidelines you can have trouble-free operation of the plumbing system and you would not need the plumbers for repair jobs. It is a different story in case a natural disaster strikes and you have to go in for professional help. Otherwise, these simple tips protect your plumbing system adequately. Let us look at them.

Unclog Your Drains Every Now and Then

Hair and debris normally clog the house drains. You can use a drain cleaner or a plunger to clear the clogs. If this is not effective you would have to use the snake. Insert the snake in the drain and let it go as far as possible. Next, crank the snake gently to loosen the clog. Remove the snake and check by pouring water. You may require using the snake a number of times to clear the clog fully.

Rinse Your Garbage Disposal With Cold Water Only

If you use the garbage disposal after the kitchen work is over, you must do it with cold water. Hot water melts the grease and takes it easily to the main drain where it solidifies and builds a clog. Cold water helps the blades remain sharp and cuts through the garbage to keep the disposal running smoothly.

preparing your plumbing for winter

Prepare for Winter

As the winter approaches disconnect the hoses from the outside faucets, roll them up and store them inside during winter. In case you leave them out, the water in the hoses will freeze. Freezing water expands causing the connecting faucets and pipes to crack. You would need the plumbers to help in such a case. It is also advisable to insulate any exposed pipes in the basements and near to the outer walls. In case of a history of freezing on any pipe, you can apply the heat tape to insulate it.

Check the Sump and Septic Tank Frequently

To avoid sediment build up in your septic tank it is better to pump out your septic tank once in five years. The septic system does not have a backup and cleaning and repair is expensive and calls for professional help in the form of experienced plumbers. It is better to spend some amount on the pumping out rather than the expensive repair. Similarly, you must check the sump pump for smooth operation by pouring in a few gallons of water. The sump pump should drain it out without any problem.

Thus, by following these simple tips you can take good care of your plumbing system. Even though it takes some effort to do it, but it is worth it. It helps you avoid getting in a team of plumbers in the house to do a costly repair job.


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Tankless water heaters may also be referred to as instantaneous or demand-type water heaters. They only provide hot water on demand. People normally ask about the benefits that are associated with using tankless water heaters. Here are some of their advantages:

Saves Energy

In homes where on a daily basis the amount of water used cannot be more than 41gallons, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient as compared to the traditional storage tank water heaters. In homes where hot water is greatly used, approximately 86 gallons daily, demand water heaters can be (8 – 14%) more energy efficient. Greater energy savings of (27 – 50%) can be realized by installing a tankless water heater at every hot water outlet. The demand water heaters only produce hot water when you need it. By availing hot water near to the place where it is required, energy loss is greatly reduced and efficiency is greatly improved.

tankless propane water heaterLower cost

Comparing the initial installation cost of the tankless water heater and that of a conventional storage water heater yields some interesting results. The former has a higher cost, however, on-demand water heaters typically heat as much water as you need and operation costs are much lower. This fact compensates for its higher buying price. A lot of tankless water heaters’ life expectancy is more than 20 years. These tanks also have many parts that can be replaced easily and this makes it possible for one to extend their life by many years. On the other hand, storage water heaters only last for a couple of years (10 – 15 years).

Comfort and Convenience

Thanks to tankless water heaters, you can always enjoy continuous hot water which is great for your family. The issue of scheduling or compromising on hot water usage on your family’s times of bathing will be a thing of the past. The tankless water heater also requires a small space for their installation, unlike a traditional water heater that takes up a big area. Tankless water heaters can be mounted on a wall or even installed indoors or outdoors and you are good to go.

Safe and clean

Tankless water heaters help you to avoid the usage of water that has stayed for some time in a tank that may have accumulated scale and rust. Many of the tankless water heaters models are also safe because they are equipped with excellent safety features that safeguard you from scalding water which could otherwise reach your faucet in the absence of these safety features.

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Are you looking to find a quick solution to lively up your bathroom? The easiest way to transform and make an impact would be replacing your bathroom sinks and shower faucets. Creating a fresh and modern look may mean trading your old gold fixtures for a modern chrome or stainless fittings. The surest way to getting the best bathroom faucet fitting your style perfectly is to keep in mind that finish, style, and spouts options play a major role. The following six faucets should be enough to start.

Moen T6620BN-9000 Brantford Bathroom Faucet

moen t6620bn-9000 brantford faucetWith an Amazon rating of 4.2, this faucet is a popular one with customers. Being one of the latest additions to the modern bathroom design featuring a low-arch spout, double-handle lever, and 8-16 inch installation provision. Due to its traditional look, installing it will give your bathroom a timeless look with a great performance balance between an innovation you cannot live without and a style that you love. Users love it for various reasons. It is an easy solution to your bathroom sink needs.

The two-handle lever makes it easy to use and handle especially with the widespread placement. Low arc spouting offers conventional styling, which makes it easy to incorporate to any bathroom style and design. This metallic bathroom facet is produced under high-quality standards of artisanship and is available in different colors including brushed nickel, chrome, and oiled bronze. The perfect faucet gives you the best value for your money.

Kohler K-110-3-CP Antique Bath faucet

KOHLER K-110-3-CP Antique Bath FaucetThis faucet makes the new bathe in style possible with its antiquated feel but works like a modern futuristic faucet. It is easily mounted on the floor your wall for convenient use. It comes with a hand shower and six-prong handles made from vibrant brushed nickel and polished chrome color. It is reliable and durable due to its construction form. It is considered one of the best bathroom faucets of modern times and is a definite conversation starter when you have guests visit.

It is easy to use and offers convenient bathing experience.  You can choose from free-standing, wall mount or floor mount bath faucet options. It simple installation procedures also make it a favorite for many users. Its durability, reliability and style combination of both old and modern design makes it the best faucet for money.


TOTO BT500B #01 Piedmont Bidet ONLYThis is a beautiful design available in Amazon offering a vertical spray, flushing rim and deck mounted bidet faucet. It comes with a diverter and vacuum breaker. This faucet guarantees expertise in innovation and unrivaled vision.

It offers the best performance and ecology in plumbing because of the holistic principles used in manufacturing as opposed to focusing on aesthetics alone. In addition to beauty, functionality, quality performance and customer satisfaction is factored in when manufacturing this faucet.

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