Time-Saving Tips for Lazy Gardeners

Read throughout this post and find out some of the best tips that will help you save time in gardening. If you are too busy, or worse too lazy, these tips are indeed a great help for you to start gardening now. So, read on!

Have you ever wanted to do the gardening but you can’t find the time? Too annoyed about the weeds growing? Cannot find the right dandelion killer? Or do you love gardening but you seem to behave a lot of things to do instead? Well, most of us might experience such. Life is definitely busy so it is hard to find some extra time to grow plants or start gardening. 

Worry not for there are some time-saving tips that could help you pursue gardening, right from growing plants to killing weeds using the best dandelion killer on homemakerguide.com and more. And these tips are as follow:

Start small. 

In most cases, many beginners in gardening overestimate how much they could care for and how much produce they would use. It is advised that you begin with a container garden or a raised bed. Also, a small space in full sun could also be considered as your first garden. You can also consider planting in blocks or in a grid pattern. As a lazy gardener, it is obvious that you should limit the size of your garden along with considering only the best dandelion killer. 


You can also use newspaper, shredded leaves, cardboard, or straw to line the areas and the paths around plants when possible. It would reduce the weed population and would hold moisture in too. Using a natural dandelion killer might also be considered. 

Consider the soil. 

Be sure that you add plenty of compost to your soil. Composted leaves, well-rotted manure and mushroom compost could make great amendments to the garden soil. Each year, you might have an increase in harvests since the structure and the fertility of the soil is also improved with the help of organic dandelion killer. Your workload would be less with only fewer plants to produce more food. 

Weed and reap. 

You should always keep the garden weeded and keep the weeds from going to seed. Take note that most produce seeds that lie dormant in the soil for long years. And this would make it hard to keep the garden clean. Besides, you should also consider the dandelion killer for lawns to make your job a lot easier. 

Grow up. 

If you grow peas, cucumbers, beans, and other vines up a fence or trellis, it would reduce the workload too. It would also be a lot easier to harvest, thus reducing back strain. Also, the fruits could be less susceptible to fungus and mold up off the ground. You can also consider vertical gardening as it would increase the yields from a smaller space. 

These tips are definitely of great help for busy or lazy gardeners. You will not just save time for gardening but you will also increase yields from your garden. Indeed, gardening also takes a lot of effort, so if you have limited time, it could really be hard to start gardening.

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Archie was a builder for more than 40 years. Mainly after his retirement the enthusiastic electrical works in garden and writes for a blog Homemakerguide.com to keep himself occupied. His many years of experience can get you the right tool reviews whether it is a drill, welding machine or so. An impressive fact to note about him is that almost everything in his house is a representation of his skills made by his hands.

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